What is the Value of Video?

"Video services are an integral part of a corporation's network of communication. It provides new and exciting ways to reach people. Video allows for broader reach and participation, facilitating a sense of community and helping to accelerate business change within a culture."

Mr. Rich Garside
Director of Cardmember Services

"If you are a presenter and you aren't using video, you may as well be throwing money away."

Ken Davis
Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio host and Live Comedian

Effectively Communicating Your Message in a Digital Video World

On location or the stage, DCypher Productions offers superior HD and SD video production services in Colorado and the Denver Metro area. With over 20 years of Broadcast, Corporate and Promotional video experience it is our goal to give clients the highest impact, effectiveness, quality and value possible. DCypher Productions takes pride in providing artful lighting and skilled camera work during acquisition that enhances the creative freedom and powerful variety of tools available during non-linear post production. DCypher Productions and associates intend to build your trust by providing exactly the right resources for the job - combining skill and integrity in everything that we do. For a look at what we do please view the company demo above, visit our demo page, or email us.
D-Cypher Productions: Corporate Demo
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DCypher Productions on location in Thailand with small format camera package.  DV-Cam and HDV formats are ideal for overseas production.
D-Cypher Productions on the set for Holme Roberts & Owen, LLP. Computer Training video series.
What's New?
In 2007 D-Cypher Productions plunged into the Espresso Coffee Craze by producing “How to Order More Than Just Plain Coffee”.  Written, Produced and edited by Doug Cyphers the DVD video featuring comedians Daren Streblow and Ken Davis is a humorous lesson in coffee culture for people suffering from “Coffee Menu Phobia” – Or, for those beginning to realize that they may go broke buying espresso drinks at the corner coffee shop!

Shot in 3 parts - the video presents a typical coffee shop and gives you tips on How to Order a drink that you will enjoy.  There is also a Home Brewing section on the DVD to help people with the basics of everything from beans to machines as they get started making coffee & espresso drinks at home.  Another section provides a recipe section which visually shows you what exactly goes into those popular espresso drinks – and what is the difference between a Latte and Macchiato?
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Doug Cyphers directs DP Mike Wemple during shooting of the "PHOBIC CUSTOMER" scene in "How to Order More Than Just Plain Coffee."