Utilizing the Most Advanced Production Techniques

D-Cypher Productions provides clients with the tools and resources they need in any or all phases of the video production process - from Broadcast applications to DVD or Internet distribution. We provide broadcast quality equipment and crew for a variety of film-style, single and multi-camera aquisition, ranging from live events and concerts to infomercials, promotional, special interest, training videos and commercials.

Working in HD, HDV or Digital SD, D-Cypher Productions can handle your entire project from start to finish.  From pre-production, videography and post-production on a day rate basis, our goal is to exceed your expectations.  Understanding (or to "d-cypher") the appropriate style and medium to best communicate your story, is critical to your successful project! Our goal is to listen to you and help you (through the creative and technical process) to communicate the most effective message to your target audience.
Once production starts, D-Cypher Productions is equally comfortable "shooting" your project "on location" or on a sound stage. We pride ourselves on combining just the right mix of professional tools to insure that images, lighting, and audio are always at their very best.

For Editing or Post of your presentation for any digital or Broadcast tape delivery, D-Cypher Productions utilizes the power and flexibility of both the Axio LE and RTX-2 Matrox accelerated systems - using the latest Adobe Premium Bundle.  Both workstations provide real-time performance for video editing and effects with terabytes of memory for uncompressed long form projects. The powerful, intuitive editing interface allows for multiple video tracks and audio tracks with real time effects and audio sweetening. Combine this with the paint, effects and compositing tools built into After Effects and you are well on your way to that high impact, professional video presentation you were hoping for! You can view our company reel or contact us at info@dcypherproductions.com.
D-Cypher Productions is ready for any assignment.