2006 Emmy Award :
MetroBeat TV - featuring Nature Photographer John Fielder

In 2006 Doug Cyphers was privileged to be recognized by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences with an Emmy for his work with Metro Beat TV.  The award was given for his work (www.metrobeat.tv) as videographer on the video magazine featuring prominent nature photographer John Fielder. 

Doug has also enjoyed working in studio for Metro Beat TV on programs like: People to Watch, Hosted by Bertha Lynn and Student Voices, Hosted by Brian Harper.  People to Watch features people like Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend Richie Furay and Colorado Sports Hall of Fame champion pro cyclist Davis PhinneyStudent Voices won the 2006 Heartland Regional Emmy Award for Best Youth Show and deals with critical issues like teen drinking and teen suicide.  These programs represent opportunities for the kind of consequential work that DCypher Productions hopes to be involved with for many years to come.

2002 Telly Award : Hope for Children

"The Hope for Children video created by D-Cypher Productions is an effective tool for promoting child sponsorships. It lets the viewers see with their own eyes the impact that $25 a month has on the life of a child. As writer/producer, Mr. Cyphers was able to present us with a concept (within our budget) that appeals to a wide viewing audience. The Telly award winning video moves from an attention grabbing introduction to a sponsorship family "visited" by Hopi, a cartoon character who takes them on a visual journey to see the benefits their child is receiving through their monthly sponsorship."

Ann O'Dell – Hope for Children Director, World Hope International, Inc.

2001 Telly Award : The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Doug Cyphers won a Telly Award for Videography for his ability to capture the grandeur and spectacular scenery of Colorado's magnificent Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. The video combines an on-camera talent, inter-cut with the scenery, train footage and attractions of the park to give the viewer the experience of the highest suspension bridge in the world. The video's producer, Fred Kidder of Resolution Bay, Inc., said of Doug's work:

"Doug was willing to go that extra mile to get the visuals we needed to take this video to the next level. He climbed down embankments with his camera equipment, hiked walking trails, rode trains, gondola's and hung out of a helicopter (with a safety harness) so that we could achieve the best possible quality."

1999 American Corporate Video : Silver Award

American Corporate Video Award for "Team Leadership '99" promotional video. The video was a youth oriented combination of live talent, green screen and stock images of old sci-fi programs promoting an International Conference for Emerging Young Leaders. Doug Cyphers acted as Producer, Writer, Videographer and Editor. The video won silver in the corporate category, "Best Bang for the Buck," for projects under $5,000.

Additional awards include:

The Golden Key in Advertising

Mac News Magazine : Mac Starward Best Audio Visual Presentation/Video Production

ITVA Award of Distinction

STC Award of Excellence

STC Award of Merit