With a specific emphasis in camera and lighting techniques Doug Cyphers has over 16 years of professional experience in areas of lighting, filter techniques and image composition to increase production value while communicating your unique message. Doug has developed his skills while shooting, editing and producing for television, corporate video, multimedia, and radio production in a wide range of production environments, including both field and studio locations. Although Doug has experience with a wide range of field and studio equipment, to further refine his skills Doug has purchased his own camera, lens and lighting package. By working with his own equipment Doug can become intimately aquainted with the look and capabilities of the Sony DXC-30, combined with various filters, lighting and camera settings. Familiarity with the production equipment has become especially beneficial when using the portable crane. Smooth and creative camera movement can add that extra energy and sophistication to an otherwise ordinary shot.

D-Cypher Productions has worked in locations around the world. Doug has a special affinity for nonprofit and ministry videos but truly enjoys the creative variety of being involved with projects of all kinds. Internationally, Doug has taken his skills as a videographer from Asia and the Pacific Rim, to Central and South America. Here in the U.S., when not working at home in beautiful Colorado, video assignments have led to locations from California to New York, Washington State to Boston and from Chicago to Texas.

D-Cypher Productions : Talent on Set
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Doug Cyphers, Owner
D-Cypher Productions