D-Cypher Productions brings a commitment of excellence to the edit and a commitment of value to our clients. (For turn-key projects we offer our editing services at a reduced rate.) Our digital-post editing suite utilizes the creative advantages of both HD and SD in two nonlinear editing workstations. 

For Analog and DV production we have incorporated the RTX 100 Matrox video solution with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, After Effects, Adobe Audition, Media Tools, Smartsound, Quicktracks and ProCoder by Canopus for encoding final digital video for distribution.  With the ability to import SD or DV video through both analog and digital (Firewire) the RTX allows you to manipulate images real time and encode your video for almost any digital application - from DVD to the Internet.  This gives the client the ability to choose a great value, while maintaining quality images that will impact a video savvy audience.

D-Cypher Productions is proud to announce the addition of High Definition, HDV and Uncompressed Broadcast quality provided by our new Matrox Axio LE.  This powerful system gives our clients the flexibility to work with anything from uncompressed BetaCam SP to full resolution High Definition video -originating from any of the popular formats and resolutions.  With the ability to mix multiple tracks and multiple formats, this system is a truly versatile answer to the multiple formats inundating production day.  The Matrox card delivers highly accelerated real-time performance video and audio effects for nonlinear video editing on a PC workstation.  Combined with the Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Production bundle (After Effects, Audition, Encore, Illustrator and Photoshop), you will have the adaptability and power needed to give you that high impact, professional video presentation clients count on!  Your final master program can be output to any of the analog or digital tape formats as well as digital delivery of authored DVD masters.

Of course, the editing suite is also equipped with an audio booth for voice over and sound effects recording and access to multiple music libraries for you to select from. We are currently using the audio capabilities of our system to produce several radio programs that air on hundreds of radio stations nationwide.

Equipment Packages
Our digital editing suite