Services Available

D-Cypher Productions can provide creative and technical support to your existing project – or help you produce high quality "turn-key" video projects from start to finish. These projects can include commercials, corporate image, training, motivational, promotion, ministry and informational video presentations; with distribution ranging from broadcast to the internet.  The following are some examples of what we mean.
Local Television Commercial for Le Peep's Restaurant.

Promotional Videos

Promotional and Marketing videos can range from the dramatic impact of children facing abuse – to being visually transported into a "B" Sci-fi flick for a lesson on the value of teamwork. Of course, there are also more traditional (and very effective) ways to present a company and it's unique story – one way is through testimonials of the very personnel you depend on to get the job done. Whether you use "On Camera Talent" or a company spokesperson, you want to creatively present information about your organization to achieve specific goals. The video could be introducing a product, raising awareness about the value of your organization to current or potential clients, changing the culture or attitudes of your workplace, recruiting or fundraising. Goals for video will vary based on your unique situation. D-Cypher Productions has over 16 years of experience helping each client determine the most effective and creative way to communicate their message -- and to do it in the way best suited for each organization.


Making a good commercial is being able to tell your story to your audience in a way they understand; and keep it short. Our commercial work includes credits for production work at KTVD, KCNC Marketing and Edgar Advertising among others. We have also worked directly for such clients as Woodley's Fine Furniture, Quizno's, Bonfils Blood Center, Le Peep's Restaurants, Ken Davis Productions, World Hope International, Coca-Cola, The Royal Gorge Bridge and Train, Beau Visage and many more.
TL '99 Youth Conference promo video, using stock footage on green screen.

Training Videos

Doug Cyphers has been involved in shooting, producing and editing training videos since 1985. At that time he worked with (what was then) Ogden Allied Services creating airline services safety, employee training and orientation videos. Doug has over 16 years of experience with topics ranging from food and customer service, to operation, instruction and computer software training. D-Cypher Productions and associates can bring training expertise and experience to the table on behalf of your company.
An animated computer mouse was one feature used by HRO to keep the technical program interesting to the viewer.

"D-Cypher Productions has been the company of choice for Holme Roberts & Owen LLP since it first began development of our video-based computer training series. I use training videos for each new employee to quickly get them up to speed on our computer system. I find that the videos give an employee consistent information and allow them to learn at their own pace. The use of videos also gives me the flexibility to train someone at any time."

Dana Rotter – Training Supervisor, Holme Roberts & Owen LLP

Motivational & Ministry Videos

In recent years D-Cypher Productions has been more involved with promotional videos for ministry's and nonprofit organizations. It is especially gratifying to help organizations that are passionately committed to helping others. Presenting an effective message helps a group increase their influence and effectiveness in their culture, and D-Cypher Productions is committed to working creatively and professionally on behalf of those seeking to make a difference for good. Some of the these include; Promise Keepers, Roundup Ministries (care for disabled) Suitable Helpers, Kingdom Building Ministries, Emerging Young Leaders, Youth for Christ, Golden Gate Seminary, Hope for Children, Compassion International, Heritage Christian (Foster Care) Mother Cabrini Shrine, the Denver Diaconal Conference and others.

"The Denver Diaconal Conference Foundation had the opportunity to preview the video which was recently produced to promote the work of the DDC. WOW! It's terrific! The professional image it exudes is due to the professional video company behind it. Thanks for lending your talents to this project!"

The DDCF Board of Directors

Recruitment video for the Kingdom Building Ministries summer training institute.

Live Events / Multi-Camera Production

Released for distribution in the spring of 2002, is a new live comedy concert by Ken Davis, "Is It Just Me?" Doug Cyphers of D-Cypher Productions served as Technical Producer for the six camera live production. The final product for home distribution was posted by D-Cypher Productions using Discreet Edit* -- editing nearly two hours of material down to 60 minutes. You are welcome to view a sample of this very funny video or check out his web site at
Recent Project: Ken Davis, "Is It Just Me?"